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Re: [kde-linux] How do I disable the popup which appears when I change workspaces?

Mun Johl posted on Thu, 02 Apr 2015 17:46:41 -0700 as excerpted:

> My Platform:
>    CentOS release 6.4 (Final)
>    Qt: 4.6.2 KDE: 4.3.4 (KDE 4.3.4)
> I would like to disable the popup that appears every time I change from
> one workspace to another.  The popup provides a visual representation of
> all of my workspaces and graphically shows my starting and ending
> workspaces.  Although cool, I would prefer to disable this popus--if
> only I could figure out where the setting lives.

Disabling those popups should be possible, and is /definitely/ possible 
in current kde4 (4.14.6 with 4.11.17 plasma, on qt 4.8.6) but that 
version of kde4 is so old (over half a decade), that I'm not sure how 
well the below instructions translate, particularly since kde reorganized 
its kde system settings control panel along about 4.5 (which is when kde4 
actually finally became stable and reasonably usable IMO, the 4.3 you are 
on over half a decade after release was IMO beta quality at best, with 
4.4 finally reaching rc quality and late 4.5 finally reaching reasonable 
release quality) or 4.6, IIRC.  So YMMV in terms of finding what 
corresponds to the below on something that old, but here's where you'd 
make the change on anything even /reasonably/ close to current...

KDE system settings, workspace appearance and behavior, workspace 
behavior, virtual desktops.  It will default to the desktops tab.  Change 
to the switching tab.

On the switching tab there are several settings related to what's 
displayed on desktop switch.  You can change or disable the desktop 
switching animation by selection on the animation dropdown.  
Additionally, there are checkboxes for desktop switch on-screen display, 
and desktop layout indicators.  Each of these controls some aspect of the 
switching display, and can be enabled/disabled/configured, separately.

Try these in turn, hit apply and change desktops to see if it does what 
you want, while the control panel applet staying open to allow you to 
change further settings as you choose to.  When you get the settings you 
want, you can exit from that applet, either by selecting another to work 
with, or by closing kde system settings entirely, as the settings will 
have already been applied and tested. =:^)

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