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Re: [kde-linux] KDE-4.14.0 doesn't work

On Sat, 2014-09-13 at 05:54 +0000, Duncan wrote:
> James Tyrer posted on Fri, 12 Sep 2014 22:21:04 -0700 as excerpted:
> > I usually go ahead and update GCC because if there is a building problem
> > with anything on the LFS/BLFS sites, there is a fix for it.
> > 
> > Now I see that GCC 4.9.1 has been released so there might have been some
> > problems with the ".0" release.  So, since LFS is going to upgrade to
> > that, I will try building Qt-4.8.6 with that and see if it works.  That
> > will take a while even with a 4400+ processor.
> In general that has been my experience with gcc on gentoo as well; 
> there's usually fixes available, most often already found on gentoo's 
> bugzilla so I don't have to go far. =:^) [snip]

I didn't experience issues and didn't read that others experienced
issues, when using 4.9.1. It seems that Arch Linux does use one 4.9
patch and two 4.8 patches to build 4.9 [1].

For release model distros such as *buntu, the only problem should be,
that a new release from upstream doesn't fit to the outdated sources of
the other packages provided by official repositories, but I'm not aware
that 4.9 has any serious bugs. If I would have experienced an issue, I
would have downgraded gcc, but I didn't.

Please, don't misinform users about alleged issues, without evidences.
Spreading fear, uncertainty and doubt about a stable release from
upstream for a Linux core component is something very bad.

[rocketmouse@archlinux ~]$ pacman -Q gcc-multilib
gcc-multilib 4.9.1-1
[rocketmouse@archlinux ~]$ ls /var/abs/multilib/gcc-multilib/
gcc-4.8-filename-output.patch  gcc-4.9-isl-0.13-hack.patch  gcc-fortran.install  gcc.install       PKGBUILD
gcc-4.8-lambda-ICE.patch       gcc-ada.install              gcc-go.install       gcc-libs.install

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