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Re: [kde-linux] KDE-4.14.0 doesn't work

James Tyrer posted on Thu, 11 Sep 2014 12:26:15 -0700 as excerpted:

> I mentioned problems with KDE-4.14.0.  At start up, Plasma-Desktop 
> immediately crashes and will not restart.  KATE/KWrite do the same for 
> apparently the same reason.
> Some research indicates that Qt-4.8.6 will not run on AMD-64 bit 
> processors.  Going back to 4.8.4, which I still had on the system,
> fixed  the problem.  I have not tried 4.8.5 yet.  Has anyone used it to
> know if it works or not?
> Does anyone know if this had been fixed and if there is a repository 
> that I could download an updated version from?

While I'm running kde4-live, here's what plasma-desktop --version reports:

Qt: 4.8.6
KDE Development Platform: 4.14.0
Plasma Desktop Shell: 4.11.11

... and uname -m:


So kde-4.14.x and qt-4.8.6 is running fine on amd64, here. =:^)

Do you have any more information on that qt-4.8.6 not running on amd64 
claim?  Was it qt-4.8.6 in general or only with kde?  What part of qt4 
(qtcore, qtwebkit, qtgui, etc) was it?

With a bit of additional information perhaps I can track down any patches 
that gentoo has applied that might have fixed it for me here.  But 
without knowing more about what in particular I'm looking for, a quick 
look at qtcore and qtgui's patches at least, says most of them were from 
qt-4.8.5, tho still applied in 4.8.6.  So if you jumped from 4.8.4 to 
4.8.6 and found the latter didn't work, based on my patch-quick-look, 
4.8.5 is likely not to work either.  I didn't check in detail enough to 
see if any of them were amd64 specific, however.

(FWIW, my qt-4.8.6 is from the gentoo/qt overlay as it hasn't made it 
into the main gentoo tree yet.  Neither has qt-5.  They're reworking 
4.8.6 and qt-5 both to cooperate better while trying to build qt-based 
packages on the same system, and to use qt-chooser to select one or the 
other at runtime.  But that work isn't ready for the main tree yet, so 
4.8.6 and 5.x both remain in the qt overlay, which I have activated and 
installed them from.  However, other than the occasional build 
complication from generally qt4-based packages getting confused by qt5, 
I've not seen any problems from it, and definitely haven't seen any 
problems with 4.8.6 on amd64 -- this is the first I've read of that at 

Anyway, qt-4.8.6 is definitely runnable on amd64 as I'm doing it, but 
that's not saying whether there's patches applied that are allowing it, 
or that it would or wouldn't break without them.

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