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Re: [kde-linux] konsole won't move/resize - how do I just set everything back to default?

Mark Knecht posted on Wed, 10 Sep 2014 06:31:32 -0700 as excerpted:

[about kwinrulesrc]

> Interesting results in kwinrulesrc. There are 4
> 'Description=Application settings for konsole'.
> Three appear to be identical, one different.
> I assume I can just delete these?

At least here there's a [General] section down at the bottom, with a 
count=N setting (where N is a the number of rule sections).

I'd keep a backup for awhile just in case, but from here it looks like as 
long as you are careful to delete whole sections and to renumber the 
remaining ones to backfill, and as long as you change the count 
appropriately when you're done, you should be fine.  That's the way I'd 
handle it here.

So for instance I have 42 rule sections.  If I deleted two of them 
manually, I'd renumber sections 41 and 42 to whatever two I deleted, and 
then change the count to 40.

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