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Re: [kde-linux] konsole won't move/resize - how do I just set everything back to default?

Mark Knecht posted on Tue, 09 Sep 2014 15:35:13 -0700 as excerpted:

> Hi,
>    I'm having a problem again with the KDE window manager settings for
> konsole. Basically konsole starts and works fine but KDE won't allow me
> move it or resize it.
>    When I look in "More Actions->Special Window Settings" or "Special
> Application Settings" everything appears to be deselected and grayed
> out. There are some numbers in a couple of boxes but nothing is
> activated anywhere that I can see.
>    When I look at another app (Okular?) the settings look very similar
> but it moves and resizes fine.
>    So, how does one completely reset KDE's settings for konsole so
> that KDE can do whatever a new account would do?



$KDEHOME: Unless you have set this manually, the default path should be 
~/.kde or some variant, perhaps ~/.kde4 or the like on distros that have 
supported multiple kde versions at some point.

The first one is the kwin window rules file, the second one konsole's 
config.  I'm guessing it's in one or the other.  As usual, consider 
making a backup of the file before testing, and ensure the application in 
questin isn't running when you mess with its config file.  That's going 
to mean kwin not running for that one, which means either switching to a 
different window manager for a bit, or working with the file either from 
some other DE or from a text console.  Since ensuring konsole isn't 
running is a bit easier, I'd suggest testing that one first.

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