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Re: [kde-linux] Building KDE 4.14.0

On 08/30/2014 04:11 AM, James Tyrer wrote:
I have had some difficulty building some of the KDE-4.14.0 modules
because they contained files with one, or more, instances of the
string: "#include <Phonon/".  Note that this case sensitive.

I never did figure out exactly why the correct directory wasn't found by CMake. I am having memory problems and I can't remember the problems that I reported as bugs in CMake that I was told weren't problems at all. Maybe this is related or not.

My working theory is that it is a combination of the fact that KDE will fail to remove empty directories when you delete something and CMake doesn't ignore empty directories when it doesn't find what it is looking for in them. Automake/Autoconfig scans all directories to find what it is looking for. It only has a problem if you have several versions installed. Empty directories aren't a problem like they are for CMake.

But, I was still going to apologize after I got at least the part the BLFS covers build. Well, I did and it doesn't work. So, perhaps my statement about quality control will turn out to be correct after all.

I will start another thread for that.

James Tyrer

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