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[kde-linux] KMail does not offer ownCloud cardDAV contacts for autocompletion

I'm using KDE 4.13 on openSUSE. In KMail when I write new email and start to 
type to the âTOâ field, I see autocompletion for Google contacts and âContacts 
found in your dataâ what is collection of all mails found in whole my mail 
archive. But it does not offer for contacts for ownCloud (DAV groupware 
resource) although this Akonadi resource works fine (for example in 
KOrganizer). Also, KMail doesn't show contact pictures although KAddressBook 
shows them.
Any idea what could be wrong and how to fix it?

VojtÄch Zeisek

Komunita openSUSE GNU/Linuxu
Community of the openSUSE GNU/Linux


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