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[kde-linux] KNotes Migration Tool: ARGH!!!!

I really don't care if (some of) the developers hate me because I am too much like Steve Jobs. I was born that way. I just think that this stuff should work correctly before it escapes into the wild instead of being like Ebola -- a nightmare for users.

What am I supposed to do with the: KNotes Migration Tool?

It said that it would take a quite a while to run. Well, it has been running about 6 hours (AMD 4400+) and it has eaten _ALL_ my alarms from KAlarm. There were pop up error messages to go with that, but it now appears to be doing nothing but hanging on to a very small amount of CPU time. The last line in the message window is:

	Root fetch finished

The button to close the window has not activated and I have no idea what the little window is for. Drag help doesn't work (why is it there?) <F1> doesn't produce any help.

Is it safe to kill this? or should I let it run for a few days? :-^)

James Tyrer

Linux (mostly) From Scratch
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