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Re: [kde-linux] konsole and active links

On 31/03/14 13:47, Gregory P. Ennis wrote:
> Everyone,
> Does anyone know if the maintainers of konsole have considered having
> active links.  ie if the link is www.domain.com it is underlined and
> appears to be active, but clicking does not activate a browser.

http:// https:// and fish:// links work, right-click and choose either
"Open /L/ink" (browser) or "Cop/y/ Link Address").

NOTE: won't work at the CLI, only as *output* e.g. from
info/man/cat/echo/html2text etc.

> What i would really like is to click on
> server:/home/user/document/file.pdf and then have the file transferred
> to my desktop for viewing.

server: ?
I suspect you need to call a valid kio-slave. e.g.:-
$ echo file://vbserver/home/scott/fan.pdf
will generate output that can be right-clicked, and when "Open Link" is
chosen the document will open in Okular.

NOTES: vbserver is the local machine. "file://" will try to use "smb://"
to access a remote machine, "fish://" will work with a remote machine.
$ echo fish://dev/home/scott/fan.pdf

"Fish starts /bin/sh as its shell and expects it to be a Bourne shell
(or compatible, like bash). If the sed and file commands are available,
as well as a /etc/apache/magic file with MIME type signatures, these
will be used to guess MIME types.
If Perl is available on the remote machine, it will be used instead.
Then only env and /bin/sh are needed. Using Perl has the additional
benefit of being faster." ~ KDE Helpcenter

> Has there been any work in this area?

Apparently, unless I misunderstand the functionality you desire.

> Thanks,
> Greg Ennis

Debian 7.2
KDE 4.8.4
Konsole 4.8.4-2
Iceweasel 28.0-1~bpo70+1
Okular 4.8.4-3

Kind regards

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