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[kde-linux] Virtualbox start icon missing

   OK, this sort of thing frustrates me to no end about KDE so I'd
like to learn how this works (or in this case why it didn't) and then
how to get things set up the way I want them.

   I run Gentoo Linux and Virtualbox-4.3.8 on 3 different machines. On
all of these machines when I've emerged Virtualbox I get, in the KDE
menu system, under the heading Applications->System, an "Oracle xVM
Virtualbox" icon where I can start the program. I typically right
click and add this to the Favorites menu and I'm good to go.

  My son, now in his 20's, has decided it's time to move past being a
Windows gamer and get more serious and decided he'd like to use Gentoo
(me managing it remotely) but he needs a Windows VM for iTunes. To
this end I've installed Gentoo on his machine and today installed
Virtualbox. The install went fine but as you may have guessed by now
there is no "Oracle xVM Virtualbox" icon anywhere to be found. (So

   Why is it not where it is on all my other machines? If by chance
it's somewhere in the KDE menus then how do I find it?

   This is a whole area that's very mysterious to me about KDE vs
Windows. In Windows I can see properties of start icons by right
clicking. In KDE I don't know how to do this. On the machines that
have an icon in the menus I don't see how to tell what it's doing? I
know it's running Virtualbox in this case but how does one determine
what any general icon is doing? I've been reduced to watching for
changes in top to see what program is started. I'm sure that's not the
design goal here.

   Anyway, I want to learn how to manage these icons KDE has in the
menus and would appreciate any pointers I can get, and thanks in
advance for letting me vent. KDE is great but this part of it has
frustrated me over and over again over the years.

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