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Re: [kde-linux] Downgrade KDE SC Version 4.12.2

On 23/02/14 16:56, Kanjana wrote:
> I am on Linux Mint 13 KDE 64-bit.
> The update manager is set to levels 1, 2, 3 and 4.
> Task-bar with application icons is/are completely missing after update.
> My customized wallpaper has changed to the Linux Mint Maya default
> wallpaper which appears to be somewhat oversized. Can only use Alt+F2 to
> access applications etc..
> How can I safely remove 4.12.2 and reinstall an 'older' version?
> Please help me!

As Ralf said - this is the wrong list, though people here will 'try' and
help. Mint is "based" on Debian as potato chips are based on potatoes.
Much is different, and a lot of the original goodness is missing. ;)

1. Left-click on the Desktop to make it active
2. Press "Alt+d" then press "Alt+s" to start "Desktop Settings - Plasma
Desktop Shell". If that doesn't work try right-clicking on the Desktop
and choose "Desktop Settings" from the menu.
3. In the left-pane click on "View"
4. In the right-pane from the "Properties" drop-down list select on of
the "Scaled" options (Scaled, Scaled & Cropped, or Scaled, keep
5. Click on the "Apply" button (bottom-right)
6. Click on the "OK"  button (also bottom-right)

You can also change the image used as the desktop "wallpaper" in the
same settings dialog window.

Kind regards
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