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Re: [kde-linux] Downgrade KDE SC Version 4.12.2

On Sun, 2014-02-23 at 12:56 +0700, Kanjana wrote:
> I am on Linux Mint 13 KDE 64-bit.

Interesting, people often claim that Mint is a good distro and when they
run into trouble, they ask for help on Debian and *buntu mailing list
and now on KDE mailing list too. That's ok, but please at least
explain ...

> The update manager is set to levels 1, 2, 3 and 4.

... what does those levels mean? Are the old packages cached? What does
an update manager do? I manually run updates and feel self-responsible,
so I e.g. read release notes, if I feel the need to do it, before
updating. You can't cancel your mistake, but you still can read the
release notes, do they give any hints? Or at least could the release
notes help us to help you?

> Task-bar with application icons is/are completely missing after update. 
> My customized wallpaper has changed to the Linux Mint Maya default 
> wallpaper which appears to be somewhat oversized. Can only use Alt+F2 to 
> access applications etc..

"Etc." is for "completely broken?"

> How can I safely remove 4.12.2 and reinstall an 'older' version?

With the information you provided I don't know.

Perhaps some hints for the next time you should do an upgrade, could
help you to avoid such an issue in the future.

1. Backup your complete install, so if something should go wrong, you
could restore the complete install from the backup. What would you do if
something else goes wrong, if you don't have backups?

2. Always read the news on the homepage of your distro and read release
notes before you upgrade, if you can't estimate what the upgraded
packages are for and what could go wrong.

3. Chose a distro that has got it's own mailing list, since if something
distro specific should happen, the chances are better to get help from
the distro's community.

4. Avoid distros that come with a flashy look and that are based on
another distro.

5. Cache packages, IOW keep them temporarily or ask your distro if there
is a rollback repository.

6. When you sent a request to a mailing list about such an issue, at
least take a look at the history and report what packages where

7. Never upgrade automatically, always read what packages should be
upgraded. Internet research can help you to understand what should be
upgraded. Especially take care if you use third party repositories, or
if you mix repositories of different releases of your distro, backports,
installed software without building a package for it.


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