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[kde-linux] CLI Konsole -p Command query

I'm 'assuming' this is the right list, not kde@xxxxxxxxxxxx

I want to start an ssh screen session in Konsole from a script
(/etc/rc.local) run on the machine I want to connect to. e.g.:-
box A boots and runs rc.local that then uses an ssh command to start a
konsole session, for which there is no previously defined profile, on
box B that connects to box A.

This works fine when I'm calling a previously defined profile on Box
B. e.g.:-
;the script on box A (/etc/rc.local):-
ssh scott@vbserver 'export DISPLAY=:0 && konsole --profile dev'

;the konsole profile on box B e.g.:-
Font=Oxygen Mono,12,-1,5,50,0,0,0,0,0
Command=ssh -t dev screen -dR
LocalTabTitleFormat=%D : %n
RemoteTabTitleFormat=Dev : %u

I've tried various CLI options using both the "-p Command=" and "-c
<command>" without success. box A has the SSH key copied to, and is
listed in known_hosts on box B.  e.g.:-
/etc/rc.local (box A):-
ssh scott@vbserver 'export DISPLAY=:0 && konsole -p Command='ssh
scott@wheezystripped' -p Icon=network-server --new-tab'

I've also tried with only the "-p Command=" with and without the
--new-tab, as well as different orders of Konsole parameters.
Everything works fine if I don't try the command (i.e. just use
--new-tab and -p Icon=)

I really don't want to resort to the :-
Box A Test for existing profile on Box B (using ssh)
  If ! Exist create profile
Use profile (with ssh)

Debian 7 with backports enabled.
Qt: 4.8.2
KDE Development Platform: 4.8.4 (4.8.4)
Konsole: 2.8.4

Kind regards

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