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Re: [kde-linux] Multiple konsoles side-by-side please?

Werner Joss posted on Sat, 25 Jan 2014 07:44:28 +0100 as excerpted:

> Am Freitag, 24. Januar 2014, 16:04:55 schrieb Mark Knecht:
>> Hi,
>>    In a recent update to KDE on my Gentoo machine it seems that a
>> second copy of konsole no longer comes up to the side of the existing
>> konsole but rather is directly on top.
> can't help with that, but did you ever give yakuake a try ?
> (multi-tabbed konsole, always present in any workspace with F12, makes
> konsole really obsolete, IMHO)

There's also quadkonsole , named for I believe its default 2x2 
configuration, but I used to run it in 2x1 config (twinkonsole), and it 
works up to 4x4 (16-konsole) mode, or possibly even higher, if you want.

But once kwin4's drag-to-side half-max feature appeared, I began using it 
with normal konsole instead, letting me do either twin konsoles or a 
single konsole and some other window side by side as desired, and 
eventually I decided that worked better than the twin-konsole mode of 
quad-konsole for my needs, so I eventually uninstalled quad-konsole.

But quad-konsole definitely does what it says on the tin, and that's 
definitely useful for people using multiple konsole windows often enough. 

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