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Re: [kde-linux] Multiple konsoles side-by-side please?

On 01/25/2014 01:07 AM, Duncan wrote:
Mark Knecht posted on Fri, 24 Jan 2014 16:04:55 -0800 as excerpted:

In a recent update to KDE on my Gentoo machine it seems that a
second copy of konsole no longer comes up to the side of the existing
konsole but rather is directly on top. What "More Actions->Special
Windows Setting" feature might I set so that they come up side-by-side?

Currently nothing seems to be set but that's also true for all
other apps I've looked at and I do get side-by-side or at least spread
out for all other apps. (Chrome, Dolphin, etc.)

This is stable KDE on Gentoo - kde-meta-4.11.2-r1


I read the post, and don't understand it. I am running kde 4.11.5 on pclos 64-bit,
and when I snap on the console thumbnail in the panel a second time, I get
a second console window, distinct from the first, sizable and movable just
like the first one. Either one can be sized and moved individually, so
side-by-side is no problem at all. I don't have to do anything special, except in my Configuration setup, I have turned off almost all screen effects, which
I don't like and don't want. Maybe that's a clue for you.

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