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Re: [kde-linux] Hard Disk issues

James Tyrer posted on Thu, 23 Jan 2014 11:11:43 -0700 as excerpted:

> I presume that KInfoCenter managed to find other information by reading
> the /proc directory.  I understand that KInfoCenter uses Solid.

As Kevin mentions, probably not /proc, per se.  I believe he's correct on 
udisks/udisks2, but I think udisks2 anyway gets a lot of its info from 
/sys (as opposed to /proc) and udev.  (IIRC udisks got a lot of its info 
from devmapper, which it I believe run-time depended on, but udisks2 no 
longer has the devmapper dependency.  That's IIRC, however, because I 
tossed out that whole pile of deps along with polkit, etc, several kde-
minors ago, probably around 4.5 or so, before I the kmail akonadi switch 
and my subsequent junking of it and all things semantic-desktop related 
as well.  Tho presumably the fedora/opensuse based stuff would have 
replaced some of the consolekit, etc, deps with systemd deps by now.)

> A live CD only has an ISO of the installed system -- NO RPMs but it is
> still a good idea that I will try since the source didn't give much
> information on what it might be dependent on.  I will have to download
> the RPM and perhaps the SRPM to see if there was anything added.

Well yes, the liveCD is normally just the installed system, not the rpms, 
but if it's fedora based as you said, then the rpms should be available, 
and with luck even listed in a database available from the cd in ordered 
to facilitate installing to disk from the livecd.

Armed with a list of the packages actually installed on the livecd, a 
search of rpmfind or the like should give you all the dependency data for 
those rpms you could want, as well as distro changelogs, etc.  That's an 
very nice resource for sysadmins on non-rpm-based distros as well. =:^)

(I suppose the same info is generically available on debs, but I know of 
no online package resource paralleling rpmfind.net for debs, and kde 
ships with the rpmfind: web/krunner shortcut which again I don't know a 
deb parallel for, so...)

Talking about rpmfind, if your rpmfind krunner shortcut is activated:


Which ends up here:


Looks like no fedora listed.  Perhaps they call it something else.  But 
there's opensuse and mandriva packages listed.

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