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Re: [kde-linux] Hard Disk issues

On Thursday, 2014-01-23, 11:11:43, James Tyrer wrote:
> On 01/22/2014 10:29 PM, Duncan wrote:

> > While I don't have that tool installed either, I'd wonder if one or both
> > problems are permissions related.  Presumably the liveCD has permissions
> > adjusted just right... either directly or (more likely) via polkit,
> > systemd, etc, which I know I don't have nor want on my system here.
> I presume that KInfoCenter managed to find other information by reading
> the /proc directory.  I understand that KInfoCenter uses Solid.

It is unlikely that it is reading /proc if it is using Solid (which is 
As far as I know the two Solid (disk) backends for Linux are currently HAL and 
udisks, maybe already udisks2.

Depending on the backend it would be interesting to check if the system has 
the data and it is filtered out by Solid or if the data is not available to 
Solid in the first place.

Of course based on the assumption that it is using Solid, haven't checked :)


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