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Re: [kde-linux] copying filenames from dolphin the # character is pasted as %23

On 01/16/2014 12:45 PM, yahoo-pier_andreit wrote:
on my opensuse 13.1 with dolphin and kde 4.11.3 if you select (select
files do not select filenames) one or more files where the filename
contains the character "#" (for example try1#123) and paste for example
in kwrite or libreoffice calc or paste special as unformatted text in
libreoffice writer the filename will result as the character "#"
substituted with %23 (for example from try1#123 to try1%23123).
I tried in libreoffice calc to change character sets and languages in
the import text windows but without success.
how to have the correct character pasted??
manythanx :-) ciao :-) pier

You raise an interesting question. However, I think that behavior that you describe is correct since when you copy from a file manager, what you expect is the URL that can be used to reference the file in any application and that includes if you pasted it into a Konsole. What is happening is that all special characters are being converted to the %<value> form which might not be needed in all cases however it is needed in the case of a <blank> which is not recognized by all applications.

You could report this as a bug, or feature request, that if the URL was pasted into an editor that special characters should be left in human readable form.

James Tyrer

Linux (mostly) From Scratch
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