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[kde-linux] HDD does spin down and up again and again

Hi :)

I'm new to this list. Some days ago I started testing KDE, being a long time 
Linux user, running Xfce for the last years.

KDE does touch without any reason my "green" HDD, so 193 Load_Cycle_Count does 
increase for nothing.

When I experienced the same issue with other DEs I removed gvfs, in case it 
was an optional dependencies or replaced gvfs with an empty dummy package when 
it was a hard dependency, to get rid of this HDD killer.

It's neither possible to disable the "green" option, nor do I want to disable 
it, assumed it should be possible. The order to spin down external drives 
after a while is one of the EU Regulation that are ok. Touching the drive for 
nothing simply is a bug.

As a command line user, there's no need for me to see Trash and removable 
devices on the Desktop or by Dolphin.

My all day distro is Arch Linux, but I'm testing KDE with Kubuntu Saucy. What 
do I need to remove, to get rid of the HDD killer for the KDE install?

I'll ask at Kubuntu mailing list too, but since the traffic on this and the 
Kubuntu list is very low, I "cross-post" this request.

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