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Re: [kde-linux] stop empty floppy drive announcement

If you have no floppy drive turn it off in the BIOS

You will also boot faster


On 11/12/2013 04:46 AM, Felix Miata wrote:
On 2013-11-12 09:01 (GMT) Duncan composed:

1) Removing the device-notifier plasmoid from your panel entirely /may/
do it (or not, I can't test), but of course then you'll lose
notifications for cds and USB sticks you plugin as well

And so not acceptable.

2) IIRC, there's a device notifier config available either in kde system
settings or from device-notifier's context menu (right-click), possibly
both, that contains a list of all previous detections and whether to
notify about them or not.  You /might/ be able to turn it off there.

Device notifier settings 4.11.2 offers no way I could initially see to ignore the floppy drive.

The manage notifications section of system settings just duplicates the device notifier settings, but on further study, it appeared that selecting enable automatic might have a combination that works. Its UI isn't clear WRT how overrides work, or not. The main confusion is it lists unmounted partitions configured as noauto in fstab as though they are removable media. Turns out what I thought might work does not.

Finally, since floppy drives are pretty much obsolete and rarely used
these days, if you very seldom or never use it, you may wish to consider

I use floppies. In all machines I acquire that lack them, if they have a floppy controller, an available power connector, and a place to put the drive, I install one. Few of my machines have no floppy drive installed.

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