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[kde-linux] Missing plasmoid "folder view"


I' using Archlinux and few days ago I installed kde 4.11 (before that I has 
got xfce for some time). Now all is working fine but I can't find plasmoid which 
was called "folder view" (or something like that) in earlier versions of kde. 
Also in desktop preferences I don't see layout which was called "folder view".
I was trying to install metapackage kdeplasma-addons but there is still no 
this plasmoid.
So maybe someone of You will know - is it still available in kde 4.11? And if 
yes, maybe someone of You will know what package should I install in arch 
linux to have it. I know that it is not question directly to kde list but 
maybe someone of You will know that :) 
Thanks in advance for any info

SÅawek KapÅoÅski
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