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Re: [kde-linux] power saving thru reboot

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On 08/05/2013 04:35 PM, Doug wrote:

Please provide more detail. I need to know in what directories to put
the script(s). I have tried in /root/.kde4/Autostart and in
/etc/skel/.kde4/Autostart (both at once), putting the commands

xset dpms 600 900 0
xset +dpms

which works until reboot, and then it doesn't, and the commands don't
carry forward either.

Does it matter what the name of the script is?

Hi Doug,

The script name doesn't matter.

I don't know what you mean `the commands don't carry forward either'

If I were you, I'd do the following.

First, open a terminal window. Next, type `mkdir ~/bin' This command may fail if the directory `bin' exists under your HOME directory. So ignore the error. :)

Change your current directory to ~/bin:

   $ cd ~/bin

Create the shell script with your commands - I fixed your calls from above:

   $ cat > set_screen_settings <<EOF
xset -display :0 dpms 600 900 0
xset -display :0 +dpms

Set the shell script's execution bits:

   $ chmod +x set_screen_settings

Now, instruct KDE to execute the script at login:

o Personal Settings > Startup and Shutdown
o Click `Add Program ...'
o Type in the full path to your shell script:


  where USER is your user name.

o Click `OK' in the `Properties ...' pane
o By default, you should see the `Status' checked so it reads `Enabled'

You can log out and log back in to set it or you can run the command manually via a terminal window:


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