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Re: [kde-linux] KDE - What is 'Meta'?

On Wed, May 8, 2013 at 8:04 AM, Duncan <1i5t5.duncan@xxxxxxx> wrote:
>> I just have to figure out an appropriate hotkey, since the usual
>> suspects are already reserved for desktop switching, etc...  But maybe
>> I'll try it later and see what I can come up with...  Watch this space.
>> =:^)
> OK, found meta-ctrl-F1 and meta-ctrl-F2 were free, and assigned them
> under kcontrol, common appearance and behavior, shortcuts and gestures,
> global keyboard shortcuts, kde component kwin (dropdown), window to
> screen 0 and window to screen 1, respectively.
> It works as expected.  Hitting those keys now moves the active window to
> the appropriate xinerama/randr screen. =:^)

Yes, that's working for me also. I am now suspicious that previously I
might have set the 'Switch to Screen 0/1/2' instead of 'Window to
Screen 0/1/2' setting as the setting you call out now is working and I
don't remember working at the bottom of the list earlier. Anyway, it
works. Thanks.

> (FWIW, I'm considering installing a third monitor, smaller but the same
> resolution as my other two, as my system status display.  That'd get it
> off my top monitor, giving me two full-screen displays, 42-inch full-HD
> 1920x1080, for work, instead of using the top 170 pixels of the top one
> for system status.  The third monitor is one of the 21" full-HD monitors
> I was using before I upgraded to the 42-inch monitors, and AFAIK, all I
> need to do it is a display-port-to-DVI cable, since the third output on
> my graphics card is display-port, and the monitor is DVI.  But that's not
> too expensive.  And I already have the monitor and wall-mounting hardware
> for it.  Then I'd have a meta-ctrl-F3 as well, tho I'd probably seldom
> use one of the hotkey combos as the third monitor would be dedicated to
> system status graphing and logs, the systray/notifier, etc.  Otherwise
> I'd have probably used meta-ctrl-F11/F12.)

Be careful about port assumptions. As you run Radeon (I think) it
could certainly be different but my 3 port NVidia cards really only
support 2 monitors. If I was to use the Display port I'd lose one of
the DVI.

For me to get to 3 monitors here I had to install a second card (also
NVidia) which has unfortunately limited my options WRT OpenGL, etc.
None of the KDE features that do things like show all 6 Desktops work
on my server which has 3 monitors split across 2 cards. There's a
bunch of info on the web about how this is a known limitation, etc.,
so I haven't fought it at all. Apps like xine work perfectly on
Screens 1 & 2 but display a black box on Screen 3. (Audio still
available.) Still, I do most multimedia on Screen 3 using a Windows XP
VM in VMWare running NetFLix/Hulu, etc. Note that the most recent
versions of Virtualbox don't seem to work for this feature saying they
cannot lock the screen or some other such DRM-ish message.

So far, if I was insistent about getting OpenGL working on 3 monitors,
and based on my current skill set, I'd go look for a new VGA card that
supported 4 monitors as it allows the whole OpenGL graphics space to
be in the memory on one card. I believe I read that works fine, as it
does on 2 monitor cards.

On the other hand, and from a COMPLETELY selfish point of view, if you
want to get a second VGA card and pound these OpenGL problems into
submission I'll GLADLY follow along in awe as you fix my problems
also! ;-)

Thanks for the help!

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