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Re: [kde-linux] VNC unacceptably slow for this VNC newbie.

On Saturday, January 26, 2013 12:44:20 PM Mark Knecht 
<markknecht@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>    I'm wondering if anyone out there in KDE land has real day-in,
> day-out experience with VNC and whether it's possible to get VNC to
> operate at the same effective speeds? We both use 3 monitor setups but
> the Windows VMs use only 1 or two virtual monitors so I suspect it
> would help alot to limit how much of my KDE desktop is being
> transmitted, etc.

Since the beginning of October 2012 I have been using KRDC and X11VNC to 
run my desktop in western Canada from a number of places across the US from 
east coast to west and in-between, very effectively. 

On my home machine I run

    x11vnc -usepw -forever -nomodtweak -display :0

and on my laptop I run KRDC, sometimes through an SSH tunnel, usually 
through a wireless connection. Speed has never really been an issue except 
when I'm using a shared-wireless link in some cheap motel that's using a 
home-grade router. Then I just tell KRDC I'm on a slower connection and it 
limits the colour-depth of the transmitted display, and maybe other things.

It's been a perfect solution for me!

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