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Re: [kde-linux] VNC unacceptably slow for this VNC newbie.

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On 01/28/2013 04:45 PM, Mark Knecht wrote:
Hey Mark,

Hmmm, why don't you instead RDP directly to the VM?  Oracle VirtualBox
supports RDP.  You could set up a tunnel to do this connection

That might work although I'm uncertain how to do that
bi-directionally. (sp?)

I'm not sure what you mean but perhaps it's not important given what
else you've written below ...

Also, we both run multiple VMs each end so with GoToMeeting we can
bring multiple VMs into the meeting and then choose which one gets
to display. That allows all the other attending VMs to see what the
display VM has going on.

I suspect when you VNC on a LAN, it's not a big deal eh?  The problem
has to do with how much data you're sending across the wire.  With a
tricked out WM, it'll be slow.  This is why I suggested twm (and
that's what I use when accessing a remote box).

Looking at your constraint, if I were, now knowing that you want to
access multiple VM's, is you could still set up an /additional/ `twm'
Window Manager.  From here, you can (probably - as I've never done it
but it shouldn't be difficult), set up RDP connections to the local

Now, you're set.

Additionally, I've wanted to get to the point where the two of us,
both using Gentoo, can display our Gentoo desktops as well as the

You should be able to view the desktop, albeit it might be slow.
Again, it'll depend on how much eye candy you have set up.

Driving remotely may be a different story.

GoToMeeting also handles the audio so any attending VM can speak and
be heard by all attendees. It's pretty cool, but it's not Linux, and
certainly not FOSS.

These are just random ideas ... :) ... how about setting up CYGWIN/X
on a VM, running G2M.  Access your Host O/S that way ... who knows?!
Is it just crazy talk.

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