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[kde-linux] VNC unacceptably slow for this VNC newbie.

   I work 24/7 in Gentoo Linux & KDE. I've run only Gentoo for about a
decade now, but most of my real application level work for trading in
the markets is done in Windows 7 VMs running in Virtualbox. This has
worked well over the last few years. Please don't get overly focused
on the Windows part. That's just the way it has to be to communicate
with brokers.

   One place where I have not been successful in Linux is
conferencing. I've tried VNC in the past conferencing with my trading
partner who also runs Gentoo, Virtualbox, Win 7 just like me.
Unfortunately VNC was so so so slow as to take 10 minutes to update a
screen at my end when he makes a change at his, etc.

   One place where I've been very impressed with a Windows app is
GoToMeeting which manages to display a Windows desktop and show apps
almost immediately. There is effectively no delay as we talk and walk
through charts of stocks, etc. It's almost like being there with no
sense of delay.

   I'm wondering if anyone out there in KDE land has real day-in,
day-out experience with VNC and whether it's possible to get VNC to
operate at the same effective speeds? We both use 3 monitor setups but
the Windows VMs use only 1 or two virtual monitors so I suspect it
would help alot to limit how much of my KDE desktop is being
transmitted, etc.

   Anyway, if anyone actually uses VNC and knows how to make it work
I'd be really interested in understanding how to do it. It's not my
intention to start a long on-line email thread about how it should
work, might work, wish it would work, used to work. This won't do me
any real good unless it ends up being about how to make it work now
with real speed.

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