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Re: [kde-linux] Problem importing ldif file in kontact

Am Samstag, 15. Dezember 2012, 13:06:54 schrieb Thomas Taylor:
> I'm having a problem trying to import an address book in *.ldif format
> into kontact.
> I had exported my contact list in ldif format from KDE 4.8.1 under
> openSUSE 12.2.  When I try to import it into kontact in KDE 4.9 under
> openSUSE 12.3-M1 I get to where an address book is requested but no
> matter what I enter into the dialog box it won't do anything.

did you create a proper ressource first, into which you can then import data 
from ldif (or other) ?
if not, just do it :)
btw., I recommend to export contact data as a vcard file, which can then be 
directly used as a ressource, without import.
this way, I also have an automatic sync of address data on multiple computers,
as I store this file in my dropbox folder.

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