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Re: [kde-linux] Remove KDE Wallet password

Mark Knecht posted on Thu, 29 Nov 2012 12:05:09 -0800 as excerpted:

> Well, at least my major complaint about having to enter the wallet
> password for every Chrome tab is handled by removing the wallet
> password. Chrome handles every tab as a separate process ID and so I
> guess the wallet just sees every tab as a new reason to get in my way.
> Anyway, that's not a problem and it's not a big deal to figure out the
> passwords when a form is filled in and only showing stars. I have a
> special URL that prints that out in a dialog box. It would just be nice
> to be able to read them in the wallet.

FWIW, I don't use chrome (it's proprietary servantware, tho I could use 
chromium, but I'm hooked on several firefox extensions (freedomware 
extensions too, of course)), but when I switched to firefox from 
konqueror, I initially tried a firefox/kwallet extension, that saved 
firefox's passwords, etc, in kwallet.

The result was pretty much the exact same thing you describe, every page 
that had form data (which is most of them these days, even just a search 
box in a side column is a form, thus triggering it...), firefox was 
prompting me for the kwallet password. =:^(

That got old VERY fast and I killed that extension pretty quickly, once I 
realized what was happening.  Konqueror doesn't do that for every page 
with a form on it, so I chalked it up to an impedance mismatch between 
the two technologies, tho later on I found out that firefox will 
apparently do that on its own too, if you set a master password that 
unlocks all the others.

It would appear that chrome has a similar mismatch, tho it sounds like 
the mechanism may be more integrated into chrome, not the disablable and 
uninstallable extension that I was using on firefox.

I ended up using a different firefox extension instead, MasterPassword+.  
Instead of using kde's kwallet, it works with and extends firefox's 
builtin password and form-data autocompletion mechanism (which can be set 
to require a master password even without an extension, but if that's 
turned on, I guess it triggers the same problem with just native firefox, 
too), but adds a master password (thus the name) to unlock it.  Without 
the master password, firefox remembers none of that stuff.

And of particular interest, you can set MP+ in one of several modes, 
including a nicely unobtrusive addon status bar notification option 
(which I use), an ask only once and ignore further prompts if you don't 
unlock option (which I used to use before firefox got the addon statusbar 
popup option, you can always still hit the button to get an unlock dialog 
if you decide you need it), and even (for the parental control crowd) an 
option that requires the unlock to browse at all.

Given that a number of addons are available for both chrome/chromium and 
firefox/iceweasel, I'd not be terribly surprised if there's a version of 
MasterPassword+ for chrome as well.  You might check and see.  I know 
I've been quite happy with it on firefox, and it *HAS* eliminated the 
constant password prompt problem. =:^)

Anyway, it's not just chrome with that problem.  Firefox has it too, 
definitely with the firefox/kwallet extension, but also, I'm told, with 
just native firefox, if you set a master password on it, thus the need 
for an extension such as master password plus.

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"Every nonfree program has a lord, a master --
and if you use the program, he is your master."  Richard Stallman

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