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Re: [kde-linux] Remove KDE Wallet password

Anne Wilson wrote:

>> A quirk that's always annoyed me a bit.  kwalletmanager runs in
>> your systray, but is hidden when there is no currently-open wallet
>> (ie, click the ^ thing on the right of your systray to see hidden
>> items).
> If you right-click on the ^ you can get System Tray properties.
> There, on the Entries page, you can change the visibility setting so
> that it is "Always Visible".

Indeed, the "quirk" I've always wanted to try to help fix was that running 
kwalletmanager by hand seems to do nothing and is confusing.  I'd argue it 
should show it's window onscreen in that case instead of hiding.

The product, my_annoyance_level * my_freetime,  has yet to reach a threshold 
of actually doing anything constructive to fix it yet. :-/

-- rex

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