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Re: [kde-linux] Remove KDE Wallet password

Mark Knecht wrote:
> The problem was finding kwalletmanager which I believe I've done in
> System Settings. I've changed a few things to keep the wallet open,
> but I still am being asked to enter a wallet password to use it which
> I don't want to do. Anyway, thanks. Cheers, Mark 

I don't use it but it is under System in the K menu here.  It took me a
few minutes to find it tho.  Sort of expected it to be in Internet for
some reason.  When you click to open that, it goes down to the kicker or
whatever that is at the bottom.  I had to click the expand thing unhide
it.  Mine is close to the clock on the right hand side. 

Hope that helps.


:-)  :-)

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