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[kde-linux] Key binding for "Toggle whether window is on all workspaces or just one"

   Is there a key binding, or can I somehow make one, such that an
application like Virtualbox which has already been put in Full Screen
mode can then be made to appear on all desktops?

   VMWare running in KDE is able to be both Full Screen and All
Desktops. This is nice because I can be playing media in a VM in this
mode and as I change desktops the media continues to play & be
visible. My 3rd screen 'feel's like a TV because the only thing I see
is media on that screen. Unfortunately this requires VMWare which I'm
trying to get rid of.

   Unfortunately Virtualbox by design currently loses the All Desktops
property when it is put into Full Screen mode. If VB is a window it
appears on all desktops, but when it's maximized to Full Screen it
only appears on the desktop where I made the change. In the Virtualbox
forums at Oracle's site someone using Gnome was able to create a key
binding for "Toggle whether window is on all workspaces or just one"
which I guess is a Gnome property. If KDE supports such a thing then
I'll try setting it, or using it, and see how it works. So far though
I don't see it looking through System Settings-> Shortcuts & Gestures.

   Might anyone know how to do this in KDE?

   Note: My assumption here is that what Gnome calls a workspace is
what we using KDE call a desktop.

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