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Re: [kde-linux] Execute at login for KDE only

On Wednesday, 2012-09-26, Duncan wrote:

> 2b) That leaves the pre-kde-start scripts, found in $KDEHOME/env/ , and
> the kde shutdown scripts, found in $KDEHOME/shutdown/ .   In general,
> these work exactly like the autostart scripts, with a few exceptions:
> 2b1) Unlike the scripts autostart dir, I know of no way to customize the
> shutdown and environment dir locations, beyond changing $KDEHOME or
> altering the source code, of course.

It is looking into all $KDEDIRS/env if I remember correctly, so one could do 
something like
KDEDIRS=/usr:/usr/local/:/my/prefix and put those scripts into /my/prefix/env

> 2b2) As mentioned at the top, unlike script autostart, kde-shutdown and
> environment/pre-kde-start require that the script or symlink use the *.sh
> extension.  Of course the symlink functionality allows a workaround to
> that, by simply naming the symlink *.sh, regardless of what the script it
> points at is actually named.

An important point to consider here is that, as far as I know, those scripts 
will be sourced by the startkde script, thus need to be compatible with 
whatever shell is set up for interpreting /bin/sh scripts.

The scripts themselves can of course launch other scripts which use different 

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