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Re: [kde-linux] Upstream Source Repositories

Sascha Manns posted on Mon, 03 Sep 2012 21:06:07 +0200 as excerpted:

> Hello Listmates,
> actually i'm working on a little script for updating some packages from
> the sourcerepositories and then making a checkin to our OBS.
> But my list of repositories isn't complete yet. I need the following:
> * kdebase-wallpapers * kdegames * kdemultimedia * kdenetwork * kdesdk
> I ve checked the quickgit but haven't found them there. Maybe another
> place?

Note that some sources haven't yet migrated to git, they're still on svn.  
FWIW I run gentoo, with the gentoo/kde overlay loaded, and a quick check 

kdebase-wallpapers has been recently renamed to kde-wallpapers but is 
still on svn.

kdegames is on svn.

kdemultimedia doesn't say directly, which means it's using kde4 eclasses 
defaults, which would be git and I think the actual split packages, so 
kmix, kscd...

kdenetwork is on svn.

kdesdk is on svn.

Unfortunately, the actual source URLs are derived via the ebuild scripts 
and not particularly easy to parse manually, but the above, plus the 
below link to the techbase sources page, should get you started.


Following the links under kde sc from there, I confirmed that 
kdemultimedia's in git, now, and split, while the others still appear in 

I'd guess some of those may not switch to git until kde5/kde-frameworks.  
But of course git works best for /sources/, not so much binary blobs like 
wallpaper images, so it may be that they don't switch even then, tho 
getting everybody on the same (D)VCS once again would certainly be of 
some benefit, so they may switch after all.  Time will tell, I guess.

(FWIW, that some parts of kde are still on svn has been the reason I'm 
not trying to run at least the live-branch builds by now.  I know git 
basics at least tho I don't claim to be an expert, and track the linux 
kernel and various userland apps via git, but I'd rather forget about svn, 
so until at least the parts of kde I install and use switch to git, I'll 
probably stick with the betas/rcs and early release versions, until the 
next set of betas/rcs.  That looks like kdegames and the artwork stuff, 
mainly.  I do use individual bits of kdesdk and kteatime from kdetoys, 
but not enough that I couldn't do without them if I had to.  I could 
probably use the latest version tarballs for wallpapers, etc, but I'd be 
hard pressed to do without kpat and palapeli from kdegames (which means 
the game libraries too, at least, and those and kwin-styles from 
kdeartwork could well be code incompatible between latest release and at 
least trunk and next-branch, tho they'd probably be compatible with 
current branch (currently 4.9.0/4.9.1 release should be compatible with 
4.9 branch, but not trunk or 4.10 branch when it appears).

But your post did stimulate me to actually go check out what bits that I 
use are still in svn, since I was already there looking up your stuff, 
and it's less than I thought.  Mostly just kdegames still on svn is 
holding me back now.  That and kwin-styles.  Those move and I can 
probably work around the others.  Then whether I switch to live-git-kde 
will be purely my decision. =:^)

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