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Re: [kde-linux] lost part of shell screen

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On 31/08/12 01:22, Dennis Foreman wrote:
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> On 30/08/12 14:02, Dennis Foreman wrote:
>> As for my problem, it is not a lost menu bar in an application, 
>> it is the menu bar for the entire shell. And ctrl-m does nothing 
>> for that. I had to delete Konquerorrc to get it back.
> Sorry, but I don't understand.  What do you mean by "the menu bar 
> for the entire shell"?  Where do you see (or not see) it?  When
> you talked about deleting Konquerorrc I assumed it was the menu bar
> in Konqueror.
> Anne ----------------------------- Yes, the menu bar for
> Konqueror. I use a fullscreen interface provided by my IT people in
> a virtual machine environment. I have figured out that the GUI and
> the shell are not the same and I apologize (again) for having used
> the wrong term.
Something odd there, then, since Ctrl-m does hide or show the menu bar
in my Konqueror.  Sorry, I've really no idea what has caused your

As a matter of interest, did you delete konquerorrc or rename it?  If
you renamed it you could check them alongside each other, or diff
them.  At least you would then learn what had gone wrong.

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