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Re: [kde-linux] kopete and gmail.com

no problem for the reply,

could be your firewall setup or if you use software like squid could block communication with chat.

In the log file, is there not nothing about any error?

have a nice evening if for you is evening.


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Inviato: Giovedì 30 Agosto 2012 16:12
Oggetto: Re: [kde-linux] kopete and gmail.com

Ok, thank you heba.

unfortunately it did not work out.

I created a new gmail account and now I see two gmail entries below the
default identity in the accounts configuration folder.

Both have the same problem: they got stuck on connecting.

It does not matter if I check SSL or not.
I have left the server on default: gmail.com

However, many thanks for your kind reply


Am 2012-08-30 15:10, schrieb Micaela Gallerini:
> hi,
>  try to create and configure another gmail account, so you can see if
> the problem it's only with the first account or all.
> The log file is located here:
> ~/.kde/share/apps/kopete/logs
> have a nice day to all.
> --
> heba
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>  DA: mailinglist <mailinglist@xxxxxxxxx>
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>  INVIATO: Giovedì 30 Agosto 2012 14:26
>  OGGETTO: [kde-linux] kopete and gmail.com
> problem to connect to gmail.com
> I'd like to chat with contacts via kopete that I know to have a
> gmail.com account.
> It worked once for me, now kopete tries to connect but never gets
> through.
> Is there somewhere a log file for consultation about the problem?
> I found the log files for established connections, but not for the
> new
> one that has not connected so far.
> Kind Regards
> Rolf
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