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Re: [kde-linux] kopete and gmail.com

it works fine for me. I added it as Jabber ID - use yourmail@xxxxxxxxx or
yourmail@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx and if You use GApps for Your Domain, in "Connections"
settings use custom server talk.google.com (port 5223), resource Kopete. Then
You can check Google Talk support.
I hope it help. Good luck!

Dne Ät 30. srpna 2012 14:26:06, mailinglist napsal(a):
> problem to connect to gmail.com
> I'd like to chat with contacts via kopete that I know to have a
> gmail.com account.
> It worked once for me, now kopete tries to connect but never gets
> through.
> Is there somewhere a log file for consultation about the problem?
> I found the log files for established connections, but not for the new
> one that has not connected so far.
> Kind Regards
> Rolf
VojtÄch Zeisek

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