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Re: [kde-linux] lost part of shell screen

Hi all,
Sorry that I originally posted with a message formatted in HTML. That's my
default email setting.

As for my problem:
I discovered that deleting ~/.kde/share/config/konquerorrc file in my home
folder will make Konqueror create a new one the next time I start it.
That worked fine. I also found out that I had either inadvertently clicked
on a menu choice for a menu that wasn't even on the screen or did some other
dumb operation when trying to drag an icon to the menu bar, which caused the
menu to be removed. Several forum entries have mentioned that it is very
easy to remove the menu bar and not so easy to replace it.

Thanks all for replying.

THANK YOU for deleting my address (unless it is pertinent), all other
addresses, and personal information from this e-mail, if you plan to forward
it. THANK YOU also for using "BCC " instead of "TO" and "CC " when
initiating e-mails to multiple users.  This may help prevent spammers and
hackers from obtaining addresses and thus may prevent spam and/or identity

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On Wednesday, 2012-08-29, Dennis Foreman wrote:
> Hi,
> I've been using the KDE shell in Red-hat Enterprise Linux for some time
> with TightVNC. Today, I installed GFTP and changed my screen background to
> one of the built-in ones. Now I have lost the line at the top that
> contains: Applications     System and all my launcher icons
> Does anyone have any hints as to what I might have done wrong and how I
> get this line back?

Are you sure this is a KDE shell? "Applications" and "System" are usually 
entries in GNOME's top panel.

My guess would be that gnome-panel is no longer running.

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