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Re: [kde-linux] KRDC - needs Alt to work

Jerome Yuzyk posted on Wed, 29 Aug 2012 14:37:13 -0600 as excerpted:

> KDE 4.8.5 on Fedora 17
> I recently upgraded a bunch of KDE components to 4.8.5, and now when I
> use KRDC as a VNC client I have to tap Alt at the beginning of a session
> before any mouse-click actions are recognized, no matter what app I try
> to use. Tool-tips work fine, but mouse-clicks seem to need a single
> quick tap on the Alt-key before any mouse activities work. Thereafter,
> things work fine for the duration of the session.
> Is this a known issue?

I don't use krdc here, but as a regular on this list I've seen no other 
reports about it...  I guess if you've not done so already, you can do a 
bug search about as well as I could.  (Bugzilla search tip: Prefix your 
search with ALL to list already closed bugs too, not just open bugs it'll 
list without that.)

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