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Re: [kde-linux] Dolphin config

Alain Mouette posted on Thu, 23 Aug 2012 21:44:16 -0300 as excerpted:

> How do I configure background color fo DOLPHIN?
> There is no setup anywhere that I can find, is there a configuration
> file?

Dolphin simply uses kde's global color settings.  These can be found (at 
least in kde 4.9.0) in kde settings, common appearance and behavior, 
application appearance, colors.

One caution, however.  KDE's color schemes setup is rather more complex 
than you might expect.  It's well worth reading the information available 
from the help button (which the author spent quite some time working with 
me to improve, after I complained about it back in the kde 4.2 era; 
there's actually a method to the madness, and the help is far better at 
describing it, than it was before =:^), as otherwise, you're likely to 
end up a bit (or more than "a bit"!) frustrated trying to figure out what 
everything is, and may well find that your changes have unexpected 
effects, making certain text unreadable in some cases, as the foreground/
text and background are too close in color to read, etc.

Also note that plasma's color config is (almost) entirely separate -- 
changing the general kde colors won't change much in plasma, tho at least 
a few versions ago when I was experimenting with it, it /does/ take a 
very few text-colors (in certain limited situations) from those found in 
kde's main color settings.  Plasma's colors can't be changed directly, at 
least from the GUI -- you must change the entire plasma theme (called 
desktop theme in kde settings, it's under workspace appearance and 
behavior, workspace appearance, desktop theme), tho it /is/ possible to 
mix and match say the clock from one theme and kickoff from a different 
one.  Of course you can download new desktop themes from kde-look if 
you're not satisfied with the ones installed by default, and it is of 
course possible to hand-edit the theme files themselves, as most of them 
are plain-text (and a few image files), the way all those user-created 
themes on kde-look were created in the first place, but most will simply 
be content with what's available either as installed or from kde-look.

Back to dolphin, tho.  A quick check here says its background is either 
view normal background (file list area), or window normal background 
(preview-area/trim), depending on exactly what you're calling 
"background".  And in details view mode view alternate background applies 
to every other row of the file list.

But I really DO urge you to read the help before messing with it too 
much.  It sure made things easier for me once I understood how it all 
worked! =:^)

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