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Re: [kde-linux] dolphin kde 4.9 how to get rid of online rename

On 08/08/12 11:14, Duncan wrote:
Kevin Krammer posted on Tue, 07 Aug 2012 16:36:12 +0200 as excerpted:

On Tuesday, 2012-08-07, yahoo-pier_andreit wrote:
On 07/08/12 14:00, Duncan wrote:
yahoo-pier_andreit posted on Tue, 07 Aug 2012 12:48:59 +0200 as
I installed kde 4.9, the new dolphin has the *new* online rename, in
many cases it is useful and beautiful, but in my case when I have
long names is very better the old way, in the old way you can
enlarge with one click on the bar the window with the name and see
all the name, with the online you cant, so, how can I come back to
the not online rename??

While I ran all four 4.9 prereleases and now have 4.9.0 installed, I
don't use dolphin enough to even really know the difference between
its old way and the traditional inline rename.  Neither do I see a
way to get

the difference are that now you edit the new name directly on the name
showed in dolphin window, before a dedicated window was opened to do
this, I use dolphin expecially for the filter facility, it's

I am not sure but I read that 4.9 restores the renaming how it was
before 4.8 and that only 4.8 had a dialog because the newly introduced
Dolphin view engine couldn't do inline renaming yet.

Tons of people complained about that change ;)

FWIW, I read that as well.  ... And now we're seeing a complaint from
going back to inline renaming.  <shrug>  I guess as they say, can't
please everybody all the time.

:-)) simply an option is enough to please both :-))

It'd be nice to have that as an option, but at least originally, I
believe dolphin was supposed to be a "simpler" file manager that "just
worked", without all the "extra" config options of konqueror, etc.  So

konqueror was excellent, I lost the interest when they get rid of filter facility, for me is the killer application in file browser, you can put maaaany things in the same folder and search for name, fantastic!!, no need to remember where you put that file, just give it a long name that identify it and filter...:-))

it'd probably end up an option in konqueror, with dolphin either
continuing to be hard-coded or honoring the konqueror option, but with no
visible way to set it in/for dolphin.  (AFAIK that's the way the "keep a
konqueror instance preloaded" functionality works currently.  Setting it
for konqueror also effectively sets it for dolphin, but there's nothing
anywhere that actually documents that, it just works that way.)

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