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Re: [kde-linux] dolphin kde 4.9 how to get rid of online rename

yahoo-pier_andreit posted on Tue, 07 Aug 2012 12:48:59 +0200 as excerpted:

> I installed kde 4.9, the new dolphin has the *new* online rename, in
> many cases it is useful and beautiful, but in my case when I have long
> names is very better the old way, in the old way you can enlarge with
> one click on the bar the window with the name and see all the name, with
> the online you cant, so, how can I come back to the not online rename??

While I ran all four 4.9 prereleases and now have 4.9.0 installed, I 
don't use dolphin enough to even really know the difference between its 
old way and the traditional inline rename.  Neither do I see a way to get 
back the old behavior, except perhaps to grab the diff, create a patch 
reverting just that change, and apply it to a dolphin rebuild.  Not too 
terrible on gentoo and I've done it myself with a patch here or there 
over the years, but significantly harder on the ordinary binary distro, 
whose users are less used to building from sources and who don't have 
gentoo's automated approach that makes it so easy to start from, so it's 
significantly more difficult for them.

But, I do know there's several alternatives to the inline rename.

1) Select file properties, and do the rename in the resulting window, 
which can be resized.  (Note that file properties has a configurable 
hotkey, too.)

2) Toggle the terminal panel window (view menu, panels) and do it there 
via commandline mv/cp or the like.  Note that with the shell's tab-
completion enabled, you can often complete paths in far fewer strokes 
than you would otherwise.  (Again, configurable hotkey.)

3) Use the terminal panel to launch some other tool to do it.

4) Use the open terminal here (actions menu, if you have the appropriate 
service files installed) function to open a full terminal window, and do 
it from there as in #2.  (Configurable hotkey.)

5) Use that terminal window to invoke another app as in #3.  But note 
that with the full terminal window, you can invoke ncurses "semigui" apps 
such as mc, if you like.

#4 and 5 are what I do most of the time, tho I generally use mc (or the 
commandline directly) for "sysadmin-mode" tasks like text-editing and all 
but trivial renaming/moving/etc. anyway, thus leaving dolphin/gwenview 
for mostly user-mode tasks such as media handling, where the GUI comes in 
handy for thumbnails, so being able to open a terminal to the same dir 
shown in dolphin/konqueror/gwenview (and the reverse is also available, 
via a script-stub I created for the purpose, tho I don't use it as much 
these days as I used to) is just a convenience, and the reason I don't 
use dolphin enough to have really noticed the change.

6) Use open-with to open the directory in konqueror, gwenview, or some 
other GUI-based file manager, and handle it there.

It's worth noting the alternative kde file manager called krusader.  I've 
never actually tried it here because mc's really good at sysadmin-mode 
tasks and tend to use gwenview for user-mode/media tasks where thumbnails 
help, but I know some people strongly prefer its traditional two-pane 

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