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[kde-linux] KDE on the go

I Googled   KDE mobile travel laptop   among other terms to try to find 
what KDE-using road warriors do to manage their mobile computer(s). I'm 
just getting back to a mobile computing life after a decade desktop-bound, 
so I've done a lot of laptop/Linux/Fedora research and setup and some 
testing, but none of the travelling yet.

For example, KNetworkManager seems to be really solid at handling 
wired/wireless switching, so when I'm on wireless I'd like my traffic 
routed through some SSH tunnels to my home LAN. Ideally a VPN, but my 
initial attempts using OpenVPN get me a connection, but it drops after 
about 30 seconds and I need to do some research.

But generically, what could KDE do for a mobile user that needs to juggle 
secure vs non-secure connections and environments? What widgets are worth 
using? Could I put 'Activities' to any use?

Or what terms should I be Googling?

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