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[kde-linux] debian wheezy : kde nvidia - nouveau

Dear KDE'ers

I've been using debian -testing with kde for over 10 years, and although not 
terribly pc-competent, it's worked pretty well. But it's getting more-and-more 

The latest upgrades have left me with what looks like a graphics problem: I 
have an nvidia card, and a while ago on an upgrade I had with great difficulty 
to move to the nouveau graphics driver. Since more recent upgrades, iceweasel 
now shows funny artefacts affecting the text, but when you define a block or 
move the area off-screen and back again, they disappear. 
Is that a graphics problem? 
Occasionally I have seen the same behaviour with other applications.  

Right now it's with xsane: the preview window is so graphically challenged, it 
makes the app unusable. 
Makes me wonder if this is a problem with gtk applications generally. 

If anyone can offer a word of advice or comfort, many thanks in advance.

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