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Re: [kde-linux] How to delete default launchers in taskbar?

On Thu, 2 Aug 2012 03:27:36 +0000 (UTC)
Duncan <1i5t5.duncan@xxxxxxx> wrote:

> Alex Schuster posted on Wed, 01 Aug 2012 21:38:57 +0200 as excerpted:
> > Thomas Taylor writes:
> > 
> >> Hi KDE users,
> >> I am  using KDE 4.8.4 under openSuSE 12.x and would like to remove the
> >> Dolphin and Firefox launchers from the taskbar.  I can remove them on
> >> each startup but after a while they return.
> >> 
> >> My default file manager is Krusader which I added to the startup list
> >> in Desktop Configuration.  I don't use Dolphin and those launchers take
> >> up space that has better uses (6 active desktops).  Is there a way to
> >> PERMANENTLY remove those launchers?
> > 
> > For me (4.8.4 on Gentoo Linux) it's just a matter of unlocking widgets,
> > right-click on the launcher and removing it. I have no idea what would
> > bring them back on openSUSE, this is not normal.
> Gentoo here as well (but I've been running the 4.9 pre-releases... 4.9-
> rc2 aka 4.8.97 currently, IIRC 4.9.0 is due approximately... tommorrow!).
> But I actually don't run a taskmanager plasmoid at all; I put other 
> things on my panels and use alt-tab or grid-desktop or the window-list 
> (which I have the desktop configured to popup with a middle-click), or 
> since I have a full-size dual-1080p-monitors-in-stacked-config desktop, 
> simply arrange windows so none are fully hidden, and use scroll-on-
> desktop to switch desktops...
> That's why I hadn't responded before.
> But wonko's correct.  If you set the configuration up the way you want, 
> then reboot or restart kde and have it stay thru that first initial 
> reboot (some settings only only get saved on desktop shutdown, so doing 
> that immediately after finishing the config should lock it in, as well as 
> test that it really took), then LATER have it revert on you...
> Something's wrong!
> The first thing I'd guess is a corrupted filesystem and or unstable 
> system, that's eating configuration files.  I'd do a thorough fsck and 
> see.  If it fixes some stuff and you do another fsck within a couple days 
> and there's a lot more for it to fix, BACKUP ANY DATA YOU WANT TO SAVE 
> Actually, anybody not having tested backups by definition doesn't really 
> care about their data in the first place, so you should already have 
> them, but double-checking that they're current and that it's actually 
> possible to recover from them's a very good idea.

Thanks, Duncan.  I'll give that a try tomorrow when my eyes aren't crossed!

Tom  8<))

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