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Re: [kde-linux] How to delete default launchers in taskbar?

Alex Schuster posted on Wed, 01 Aug 2012 21:38:57 +0200 as excerpted:

> Thomas Taylor writes:
>> Hi KDE users,
>> I am  using KDE 4.8.4 under openSuSE 12.x and would like to remove the
>> Dolphin and Firefox launchers from the taskbar.  I can remove them on
>> each startup but after a while they return.
>> My default file manager is Krusader which I added to the startup list
>> in Desktop Configuration.  I don't use Dolphin and those launchers take
>> up space that has better uses (6 active desktops).  Is there a way to
>> PERMANENTLY remove those launchers?
> For me (4.8.4 on Gentoo Linux) it's just a matter of unlocking widgets,
> right-click on the launcher and removing it. I have no idea what would
> bring them back on openSUSE, this is not normal.

Gentoo here as well (but I've been running the 4.9 pre-releases... 4.9-
rc2 aka 4.8.97 currently, IIRC 4.9.0 is due approximately... tommorrow!).

But I actually don't run a taskmanager plasmoid at all; I put other 
things on my panels and use alt-tab or grid-desktop or the window-list 
(which I have the desktop configured to popup with a middle-click), or 
since I have a full-size dual-1080p-monitors-in-stacked-config desktop, 
simply arrange windows so none are fully hidden, and use scroll-on-
desktop to switch desktops...

That's why I hadn't responded before.

But wonko's correct.  If you set the configuration up the way you want, 
then reboot or restart kde and have it stay thru that first initial 
reboot (some settings only only get saved on desktop shutdown, so doing 
that immediately after finishing the config should lock it in, as well as 
test that it really took), then LATER have it revert on you...

Something's wrong!

The first thing I'd guess is a corrupted filesystem and or unstable 
system, that's eating configuration files.  I'd do a thorough fsck and 
see.  If it fixes some stuff and you do another fsck within a couple days 
and there's a lot more for it to fix, BACKUP ANY DATA YOU WANT TO SAVE 

Actually, anybody not having tested backups by definition doesn't really 
care about their data in the first place, so you should already have 
them, but double-checking that they're current and that it's actually 
possible to recover from them's a very good idea.

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