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Re: [kde-linux] Very ugly image in X root window.

On 06/11/2012 09:47 PM, James Tyrer wrote:
We take as a given that a process can only address 4 GiBs with 32 bits.
However it is also a given that hardware does not need to have that much
physical memory. I fully understand only the Motorola 32K and the Intel
Pentium hardware but I presume that all hardware memory management is
similar. In both cases the memory management hardware allows each
process to have a virtual address space of 4 GiBs. I have always been
disappointed that Linux has diverged from actual UNIX in this regard
with the use of a 'flat' memory space. But, then UNIX will only run on
systems with hardware memory management and Linux runs on my Television
set (yes my Sony 42" flat screen runs the Linux OS). I have always
thought that the solution to this problem would be to do both -- support
virtual memory (as opposed to flat) when there is memory management
hardware and use flat memory when there is not MM hardware.

Ahhh ... that would be:

Motorola 68k

James Tyrer

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