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Re: [kde-linux] KDEMultimedia move to GIT; ZQM for the 4.8 branch

On 06/03/2012 05:34 AM, Kevin Krammer wrote:
On Sunday, 2012-06-03, James Tyrer wrote:

I find that when I 'checkout':


for these modules that:


will build.  But, the rest fail when running CMake.  After some
investigation, I find that the problem is that the CMake files have not
been changed.  This means that they still need the CMake files that are
in the base directory of KDEMultimedia as it was in SVN.

It has been this way for several weeks.  Looking in from the outside, it
looks very odd that a developer hasn't found this.

Looks like the transition is not completed properly yet.
Does it work for master?


I.e. do you recon it is more a matter of backporting
patches or of missing adjustments due to the changes?

It does not appear to be backporting. The SVN appears to have been split up without writing new CMake files where needed. And it can't be fixed by backporting the Master CMake files -- tried that. The Master appears to have changes enough from the 4.8 branch that the two need different CMake files.

But, it is my
understanding that developers do not build a copy of the current release
branch -- not even the section that they are working on.

Very unlikely. There is no way one could backport a patch if one cannot verify
that it at least builds. Some teams additionally deploy a continuous
integration system to build development and stable branch and run automated

It should be that way, but from time to time there is a patch committed (that I would guess was a backport) that makes a module unbuildable and it stays that way for a while. I always tried patches to make sure that they built before I posted them (Total Quality Management is better in the long run). And, I have a one command script system to rebuild the whole thing and makes a report file showing whether or not each module built -- you can be lazy, have the machine do the work, and still have good quality control.

In this case the application developers are most likely waiting for the people
doing the SVN to GIT migration to have completed their work.

I could understand that, except that they removed the SVN which shouldn't have been done before the GIT was ready for prime time.

Should I make an inquiry on their development list?

Somebody should probably tell them. If this was a project what I was managing, I would have somebody that was doing test builds on a server somewhere and he would notify the relevant people if a build failed.

I have the training to be a professional, but due to disability, I am retired. So, I hope that you can see why I get a bit frustrated by people that don't do things correctly -- this actually looks a bit sloppy -- but yet think that they know lots more than I do (about everything).

James Tyrer

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