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Re: [kde-linux] KDE 4.7.3 and the clock being cut off

Duncan wrote:
> Dale posted on Sat, 26 Nov 2011 05:19:39 -0600 as excerpted:
>> Duncan wrote:
>>> Can't say I've noticed it, but then again, my "clock" is part of the
>>> giant superkaramba theme I integrated all of the individual smaller
>>> themes into.  I don't even have a clock plasmoid running any more, by
>>> default.
> Taking care of old threads I had marked for later processing...
> How did this resolve?

It seems to have fixed itself during a upgrade.  I'm not sure what
upgrade fixed it tho.  I just clicked on it one day and the whole thing
was there.  After picking myself up off the floor, I was OK again.  lol

> Which I did... all the 4.8 prereleases, and am now running 4.8.80 aka 4.9-
> beta1, which is pretty nice, BTW.  There was a *LOT* of work on kwin, the 
> release plan notes a huge number of bug-and-wishlist-fixes, many going 
> back to kde3, so there's some significant new behavior there.  That's the 
> biggest positive thing I've noticed.
> The biggest negative, mostly for gentooers and others doing their own 
> builds, is that somebody got the "bright" (not) idea of depending on 
> kdepimlibs for drkonqi, part of kdebase-runtime so assumed to be 
> installed with any full kde desktop.  Luckily drkonqi is a runtime, not a 
> lib, and only depended on (at least with what I have installed) by kde-
> runtime-meta, so I was able to package.provide it.  But that left all the 
> other kdebase-runtime split-packages failing to configure, due to the 
> common cmake still looking for kdepimlibs, to fill the drkonqi dependency 
> when I wasn't installing drkonqi.  I ended up writing a patch to stick 
> in /etc/portage/patches/kde-base/*/ for one of them, then symlinking the 
> other dirs to that one to get the same patch.  But that's about 20 
> (didn't count, just by the feel of it) different packages requiring the 
> same patch!  So gentoo/kde is going to have to decide what to do there, 
> whether to add the dependency (which wasn't in the ebuilds yet, but it's 
> early days on the 4.9 path), or hopefully an eclass fix applied to 
> anything (but drkonqi) that uses the runtime sources tarball.
> The problem of course not being kdepimlibs itself, but the fact that it 
> in turn drags in other dependencies (like ical) that I haven't the 
> faintest need of, at present, and thus don't want on my system.
> Perhaps kde can be convinced to revert that dependency, but I doubt it.

>> This is what I don't like about KDE4.  They have all these weird names
>> for things. < sighs >
>> The clock is digital and is located on the little panel on the bottom.
> That was what was needed...
>> Since a picture is worth a thousand words, I attached a picture of the
>> thingy.  Notice how Saturday is missing?
> Picture even better.  Looking at it and remembering, I believe there was 
> a bug around that period with the calendar display miscalculating size 
> (made worse at larger than default font sizes, likely your problem 
> there), due to an I believe then new feature of the holidays on the 
> (right) side.  One would hope it's fixed by now.  IIRC on gentoo there's 
> a USE flag (locale related) that controls that.  If its built with the 
> feature, as it will be for most distros, there's also an option that 
> controls it in kde settings.
> I believe I have either the USE flag or the kde option or both off, 
> turned off after reading about and noticing the bug.  Turning it off 
> turns off the holidays on the side description, which I believe 
> alleviated the bug.
> Too bad I didn't respond with that info in a timely manner, but it's 
> possible I didn't have the info about the bug yet, when you posted.
> Anyway, hope it's fixed, by now.

It is.  For now it is anyway.  They may break it again tho.  lol

>> Dale
>> :-)  :-)
> Has anyone ever told you they like that "sig"?  Among other things, it's 
> really effective at defusing comments (of yours) that might otherwise be 
> taken wrong.  Not that you normally make such comments, but just in case 
> somebody was about to take them wrong.  Additionally, it's good at 
> reminding everybody to relax a bit if things are getting tense, even if 
> your posts had nothing to do with why it was tense, but people just 
> happen to read them at the right time.
> I've specifically noted that effect reading your posts here, both a 
> couple times on the kde lists, and when you've posted, expressing a user 
> view, on the gentoo-dev list.
> If I wasn't already using the (single) sig spot in my messages for other 
> purposes, I'd be likely to make use of that idea here, as well.  
> Actually, since it's little enough, I've thought about figuring out how 
> to incorporate it in my sig block, but haven't quite figured out how to 
> do it "right", without making it look out of place, etc.  Plus, as part 
> of a larger multi-element sig like mine, the effect would be reduced to 
> the point it'd likely be just more noise, so I've hesitated to add it.
> But anyway, I like it, and just to let you know, it DOES have a 
> noticeable positive effect, and thus your posts often do as well, even 
> apart from the main content.  Thanks!

Most people think I have that in a file that is added each time.  I
don't.  I actually type in my name and the smileys each time.  The other
part is actually a sig from a file.

It's funny in a way.  I have some serious medical issues.  The smileys
may cheer up others but it doesn't hurt me either, may help at times.  I
try to keep positive no matter what.  Heck, a few years ago I was in the
hospital.  They wasn't sure I was even going to make it.  I would leave
little smileys on the chalk board for the nurses.  They would come in
each shift and put up the names of who is on duty.  I'd erase it and
leave them notes and little funny things.  It's amazing what you can
still do when you're hooked up to all sort of machines.  lol

One thing I have learned, it is hard to put emotions into text.  I try
to use those smileys, winks and such to show my emotions.  If nothing
else, it lets the other person know if I am kidding or something.   Then
again, I can laugh at about anything.


:-)  :-)

I am only responsible for what I said ... Not for what you understood or
how you interpreted my words!

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