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[kde-linux] Konqueror rename tabs


I like Konqueror a lot as a file manager.  I like using multiple tabs, using the split panel feature, and using the embedded terminal window.

Today I notice I was using many tabs.  The title shows the paths for the location starting from the protocol.  If I connect to an sftp location, the tab title is taken up by the domain name of the server.  Having three tabs pointing at the same server just makes them look like they are pointing at the same location since the whole path does not fit.

I would like to be able to rename the tabs just like we do in Konsole. 

Is there a plugin for this ?
If I was to add this patch, how can I get the development environment up and ready for the modification ? I am using Kubuntu 12.04

Also, if you use the pane split, each pane should have the path it points to.  Otherwise you have to click on each pane to see what the frame is point at.


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