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Re: [kde-linux] hardware temperature widget

On 05/20/12 17:46, Duncan wrote:
> James posted on Sun, 20 May 2012 11:44:25 -0400 as excerpted:
>> My available temperatures/sensors is empty in the widget but the command
>> sensors shows temperatures.
>> The widget was written by Petri Damsten.
> Thanks, the author allowed me to confirm that I was trying the right 
> one.  But you didn't post the version of kde you're using.  That could 
> matter if there have been fixes...  FWIW, kde 4.8.3 here (on gentoo/
> ~amd64 with the kde overlay), the latest shipped by kde upstream, tho 
> you're likely to be running something a bit older there if you're just 
> running the distro version, for most distros.
4.8.3 but no overlay so it must be the distro version.
Gentoo, ~amd64 also.

> Upon adding it, only a few (four I think) of the 10 available temps were 
> showing, and those didn't have names.  Some reported temps, some reported 
> 0.

I'm not running.
/etc/init.d/lm-sensors because I don't use modules but maybe it needs sensors to run before KDE loads.

> The settings dialog shows the sensor path it's using.  You can check that 
> against the CLI sensors command output.  FWIW, the plasmoid (plasma 
> widget) simply gets (or should be getting, if it's not, something's 
> wrong) the readings from the ksysguardd system-monitor daemon, the same 
> one that you can browse by starting up ksysguard (probably listed as 
> system monitor in the apps menu, but ksysguard entered in krunner is 
> easier, once you know the name, and unlike system monitor, it's not so 
> generic that it's unclear what we're actually talking about!).  So you 
> can start that up, and see if ksysguard is getting the numbers, too.  I 
> actually prefer the line-graph readout option in ksysguard, since that 
> gives me a bit of history and trend-lines.
> Another option, similar but a bit more advanced, is superkaramba.  This 
> is actually part of kde and depending on your distro, will have either 
> been installed with kde, or should be available as an additional 
> package.  The idea is similar to yasp-scripted but superkaramba started 
> in the kde3 era, and its layout language is even more flexible/advanced 
> than yasp-scripted.  That's what I eventually switched to and what I use 
> now, but yasp-scripted was an easier first stepping-stone toward it, 
> being a bit simpler.

I like Jidokhi but it has bugs.
It only shows 3 of 6 cores for my CPU and it mixes my GPU fan with my case fans.
It has hope. :-)

Where did it put the source for the theme?
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